Ihre Experten für Informationstechnologie

Die avato consulting ag bietet Informationstechnologie-Beratung auf höchstem Niveau. Wir verstehen uns als Experten für komplexe, technologisch herausfordernde Aufgabenstellungen. Unser Anspruch ist es, die Leistungsfähigkeit der IT-Organisationen, IT-Prozesse und Systeme unserer Kunden nachhaltig zu verbessern. 

We will Optimise the Performance of Your Business-Critical IT

Our clients from the banking, telecommunication, service, and industry sectors know that state-of-the-art, high-performance, and cost-efficient IT is a key factor for business success. We will optimise the performance of your business-critical IT.

Put Your Trust in Our Comprehensive Know-How

Our team offers far-reaching, combined IT competence and in-depth industry know-how: Because of our vast experience as project managers, technology experts, and top-level managers in global enterprises we guarantee a highly professional implementation of your IT projects.

We Make Your Smart Data and Industry 4.0 Program Successful

Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0, increasingly powerful algorithms and self-teaching machines deliver the basis for plenty of fascinating new ideas how to optimise products and services, or for new business models.

The road from initial idea to results - we work with you compassionately to create innovation from data.

Simplify IT Information Management

Simplify IT Information Management

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Nearly all companies nowadays list IT optimisation, transformation and transition as one of their top priorities. The reasons and objectives may vary from case to...

(Un)informed about IT Risks?

(Un)informed about IT Risks?

IT Information Management as Basis for Enterprise Risk Management

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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance – GRC – encompasses three important action levels in...

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