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SAP HANA Projects do not have to start with a major investment

SAP HANA, Express Edition (HANA XE) is a slim version of the SAP HANA platform, which, with a few exceptions, offers all important functionalities in a compact and ready-to-use format. With this multimodal in-memory database platform, a wide variety of data can be processed efficiently.

Among the most important modules and functions are:

  • Relational DB Engine (OLTP + OLAP)
  • Graph Engine
  • Text processing module
  • Geo-spatial module
  • Document Store
  • Time Series
  • In-database Predictive / Machine Learning

The different engines can be applied simultaneously and directly to your data. The data does not have to be duplicated and managed multiple times between different distributed software components, wich is often the case with other data architectures. This means that even complicated use cases can be tackled quickly and efficiently with a relatively simple architecture.

Furthermore, the platform offers several built-in machine learning, AI and business algorithms. Since these are implemented very close to the data, query response times in fractions of a second – even on mass data – are possible.

The software license enables both non-productive and productive use cases. This means that a HANA XE can be used not only to create prototypes but also to deploy productive applications.


Commercial Aspects

HANA XE comes with all important HANA features free of charge up to 32GB RAM. This allows SAP HANA projects to start with low cost – without lengthy license procurement – and quickly. Especially PoC or pilot projects, as they are almost always recommended in the Data Analytics and Machine Learning area, benefit from the uncomplicated and fast use of the very powerful SAP HANA technology.

If the free 32GB RAM is no longer sufficient, the license can be easily extended up to 128GB with license upgrades from the SAP Store:

Due to the efficient data compression SAP HANA requires significantly less memory resources than conventional databases. Depending on the data and the chosen data model, compression factors of 5-7 are common. Compared to uncompressed CSV data, a factor of up to 15 can even be achieved.


“In the wild” – Examples from the field

In our avato Smart Data and SAP consulting practice, the SAP HANA XE platform has established itself as an all-purpose weapon. avato was able to implement even complex use cases with low budgets by making use of this toolbox. Examples are:

  • Master data generation and optimization with ML methods; analysis and processing of SAP transaction data from 10+ years
  • Digital Assistants for SAP ERP by replicating master and transaction data from SAP ERP into a SAP HANA XE for super-fast analysis and processing using ML algorithms, and delivering the results to SAP ERP via digital assistant with or without user interaction
  • Advanced production controlling applications: material and document flows (e.g. batches) are converted into graphs. Key performance indicators can then be calculated easily using graph analysis methods. Even more complex analyses can be performed by applying graph algorithms to the data
  • Advanced production analysis applications: historical and near real-time production data from complex chemical manufacturing processes are represented as graphs together with plant and asset information. Even complex questions can be answered easily using the graph
  • Real-time reporting for several business areas (including procurement, controlling, production). The use of Virtual Data Models (VDM) and HANA XSA modelling, as well as analyzing the data ins SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), allows powerful reporting solutions in a short time and with low effort


We are happy to support you solving your tasks with SAP HANA XE in a smart way.

SAP HANA XE – Start free, grow at low cost

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