Excellence through innovation

We offer your company state-of-the-art solutions

Excellence through innovation

We offer your company state-of-the-art solutions

Information. Technology. Consulting.

We advise and implement! Our expertise includes architecture and cloud concepts as well as their implementation. We develop transformation strategies and optimise IT service processes. Data, information and the use of innovative technologies form the basis of our services.

Here we concentrate on technologies from leading providers such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. We place great value on sustainable benefits, cost efficiency and the high quality of the solution. Our sector expertise is the culmination of our many years of partnership with globally operating companies from the fields of banking, telecommunication, service providers, and industry.

EaaS – expertise as a Service

Steadily growing demands without an increase to the budget – one of the challenges confronting IT organisations today. To achieve these objectives, cloud offers are now a component of every IT strategy.

avato EaaS (expertise as a service) is another building block in modern IT strategies. EaaS follows the same basic principles as conventional market cloud services: expertise/service on demand, cost efficiency, scalability, simple and universal applicability. Take advantage of our top expertise in the important technologies of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.


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IM – Information Management

A leading edge with clever methods and the use of analytics. Conventional documentation is out-dated and can be likened more to a digital bookshelf than intelligent, networked information. Conventional documentation ages and offers customers no help on the path to the cloud or in reducing their IT costs – on the contrary. All this has now changed, as our customers are looking ahead and relying on innovation and digitalisation. Intelligent information is a step into the future.

But how can projects/programs be set up to ensure they provide intelligent information? Which five methods take the information project towards success? What roles do analytics play and which technologies are behind intelligent Information Management?

Find out more about concept designs, solutions, implementation and maintenance.








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Intelligent information


The path to the cloud

Smart data

Big data analytics, networking within the scope of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things – increasingly more powerful algorithms and self-learning machines supply the material for many fascinating ideas on how to optimise products, services and processes or even new business models.

But many companies find it difficult to negotiate their way through smart data. Lack of expertise in the area of data science, big data architecture, selection of software and tools as well as a suitable procedural model can all hinder success.

We at avato consulting would be happy to transform your ideas into results. We are committed to working together with you to transform your data into valuable knowledge to ultimately make real innovations with added value.

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