IM – Information Management

Networked, intelligent information instead of documents

IM – Information Management

Networked, intelligent information instead of documents


Knowledge management freshly thought

Making the right decisions fast! Identify weaknesses immediately and eliminate inefficiencies directly. Carry out strategic transformations based on documentation, or rather intelligent information!

So much for the wish or the theory, but unfortunately the reliable information base is missing. The solution: no longer see documentation as a patchwork of individual formal requirements.

From document management, towards information management

In 2 Minutes

The video provides a good overview of the advantages.

„Information at Your Fingertips“




The avato IM solution (Information Management) is based on a broad experience in medium-size companies and large enterprises and is a 360° approach. Process models, concepts for structuring as well as methods and tools are the components of avato IM. In addition, you will receive configurable templates and finished modules (content modules).

Curious how an IM portal (=iPortal) looks like in practice?

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(this is an iPortal for all those who think documentation is innovative)

Information Management instead of Document Management

What has changed in the last decades? Viewed soberly, we have hardly made any progress from the analog bookshelf from that year. The digital bookshelf is more extensive, but also more confusing.

Intelligent Information Management offers small units (Information Units) that are always kept up-to-date. They allow multiple use and comprehensive topicality. Search via metadata? Comment function? Involvement of interest groups via elements from the gaming industry? All this and much more.

Digitize. Be Better. Simplify.

  • Be ahead
  • Connect information
  • Improve
  • Reduce efforts and costs 10-20%
  • Clean up
  • Stop wastage
  • Be ahead
  • Connect information
  • Be faster
  • Reduce efforts and costs 10-20%
  • Clean up
  • Stop wastage

What makes the iPortal so powerful?

It saves time in the creation

e.g. by using the provided templates and by automation.

It motivates by gamification.

Teams are rewarded.

It saves money because of specialization.

People do what they do best.

The documentation becomes modular.

No redundancies, but reuse of content.

Using information is

easier, faster, and it’s fun!

You’ll use cutting edge technology.

The documentation quality is assured

by methods and workflows.

Cultural change:

Everyone is involved and gives feedback. Teams become agile.

The organization becomes more customer oriented

Typical Use Cases

can be found in principle everywhere, where time can be saved and errors avoided by a good and complete documentation. 

Customer Service 

  • Central knowledge management
  • Connection of all relevant applications and systems
  • Reduction of inquiries to 2nd and 3rd level support

IT Service Management

  • Implementation of Rapid Provisioning and DevOps
  • Standardization & consolidation of applications and platforms

IT Strategy / IT Transformation

  • Development of Cloud Strategy and Shared Services
  • Integration (e.g. post-merger) / IT separation (e.g. spin-off)
  • Sourcing strategy / service agreements (reduction of dependencies on IT service providers / individuals)

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The IM Service Portfolio

Depending on your needs, we offer you selective support, selected services or the implementation of projects. Please feel free to write us an email!

IM Specialist
Provision of Information Management specialists 

Customized Solution
Solution including methods, content modules (text, graphics, lists, …) and tools

iProtal on Premise, Azure or AWS
Solution including methods, content modules (text, graphics, lists, …) and tools. In the Cloud (AWS / Azure / …) you also receive maintenance and management.



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