EaaS: Expertise as a Service

IT expertise on demand and just-in-time

EaaS: Expertise as a Service

IT expertise on demand and just-in-time

EaaS: Expertise as a Service

In today’s business, IT departments are facing higher demand and increasing requirements without an uplift in budget. In addition, Clients and CFOs expect more flexibility and greater responsibility for rapid IT adoption. Corporate boards demand IT transformation from cost center to business enabler.

A Strategic Approach: Cloud Services

A widespread strategy to address this changing demand is the implementation of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. avato’s implementation of EaaS (Expertise-as-a-Service) is another building block for meeting these requirements. EaaS is built on the same principles as the other well known Cloud Services.

Expertise-as-a-Service Principles

  • Expertise/Service on Demand
  • Scalability
  • Universal, multi-purpose usage
  • Cost efficiency

EaaS: A consistent addition to the Cloud Strategy

avato’s EaaS is therefore a consistent further development of the basic elements of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The concept enables the use of IT expertise and IT information. EaaS is a hands-on expert support for your IT. Our Support Principles include:

  • Like a typical cloud service, the support can be used flexibly and at short notice.
  • It is tailored to your needs and provided by a team of avato experts./li>
  • Type, scope and required expertise can be flexibly adapted.

Company specific “Knowledge and Cloud Expertise”

We build your company specific “knowledge and Cloud expertise”. This essentially consists of IT information (knowledge about your specific IT) and our IT expertise (experts).

Your benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced flexibilty of your IT services
  • Faster and more specific IT reaction to business requirements

EaaS: Service Principles and Performance Standards

avato offers Information Technology consulting at the highest level. We see ourselves as experts for complex, technologically challenging tasks. In order to meet our customers’ strategies, we offer services that meet customer requirements, legal framework conditions and customer policies.

avato IT Information Management Standards

Many years of experience show that service optimization is almost impossible without information about applications, processes and technologies. All information must be unambiguous, reliable, and available at all times. The main goals of avato IT Information Management can be summarized as follows:

  • Build an IT information pool according to your requirements
  • Ensure information is reliable, unique and always available
  • Ensure information easy to maintain

avato Service Management Standards

Resource and Time management is an essential prerequisite for cost and service optimization. In order to ensure the long-term goals of a service, professional Service Management must be set up. Central components of avato Service Management are:

  • Requirements Management
  • Expertise-Management
  • Service Level Management

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