Cloud Services & IT-Consulting

Professional expertise, tailored to your needs

Cloud Services & IT-Consulting

Professional expertise, tailored to your needs

Cloud Services & IT Consulting

Cloud Computing is one of the most significant technology shifts of the last decade. We make the journey easier to navigate. Whether on-premise, public, private or hybrid cloud environments, our core database specialties mean that data is always at the heart of the solution.

Cloud Services

Driving innovation in the Cloud.

Cloud Consulting

  • Multi-platform support (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI)
  • Certified Cloud Consultants
  • Harness the full potential of Cloud services

Cloud Migrations

We have extensive experience in database migrations across a variety of environments, software versions, sizes, and business functions. Take advantage of our Cloud Migration services, to navigate with confidence to the Cloud.

Database Consulting

Integrity. Availability. Performance.
The most important concepts for your database, also apply to our work ethos.

Your trusted database support partner

  • Highly skilled Oracle consultants
  • Technical certifications
  • Industry expertise in Financial Services and IT Solutions
  • Customer service focused
  • Other RDBMS and NoSQL expertise also available

Streamline your database architecture

  • Engineering for improved performance and efficiency
  • Migrate with confidence
  • Identify and reduce risks
  • Resolve complex issues
  • Reduce costs
  • Alleviate skill shortages

Expertise as a Service

An extension of the Cloud philosophy, providing IT support flexibly, on-demand, and cost efficiently.

IT departments are facing higher demand and increasing requirements without an uplift in budget. Cloud Services aim to address this and reduce costs by allowing scaling of resources in response to fluctuating demand. Our unique expertise delivery model is built on the very same principles.

  • Top IT experts
  • Managed service tailored to your needs
  • Support on demand
  • On-site and remote
  • Global resource coverage
  • Flexible cost models
  • Knowledge Management

The vital components of EaaS:

  • Expertise Pool – a highly skilled team of consultants with global coverage and agile mindsets.
  • Information Management – creating and maintaining information about applications, processes, and technologies. All information must be unambiguous, reliable, and available at all times.
  • Service Management – professional Service Management including Requirements Management, Expertise Management and Service Level Management.




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