Smart Data

Added value through the innovative use of data

Smart Data

Added value through the innovative use of data

Smart Data

Smart Data – Added value through the innovative use of data.
We provide you with comprehensive support for your data initiatives: from strategy and roadmap development, feasibility studies, implementation of IT tools, data and system integration through to adaptation of machine learning procedures for the implementation of your tasks.

Below is a summary of the services we offer, a more detailed white paper with examples can be found at.


Data Analytics Strategy

Based on your entrepreneurial objectives, we develop the appropriate project approach together with you. Depending on your objectives, this can be an industry 4.0 strategy, a Smart Data Analytics strategy, a master data optimization concept or a solution for a specific task for individual production or business processes.
Typical results of such a strategy phase are:

  • Application scenarios with prioritization and risk assessment
  • Requirements analysis regarding data integration, architecture definition, software and tool selection
  • Roadmap / Project plan
  • Resource requirements (employee capacities, budget)

We use our avato Smart Data process model as a methodical framework. Details can be found in the White .

Important principles of our approach are:

  • User/application reference: use cases, fast results, self-service, “learn-as-you-go”.
  • Think big, act small, do not over-engineer:
    • Build the basic version of the technical platform first and then expand it as required
    • Use case oriented approach, quick feasibility check, iterative “agile” optimization
  • Practice, practice, practice – learning from your own data, reality checks, deriving next steps from facts and experiences
  • Systematically schedule automation of data integration, preparation and analysis
  • Involving people and organization and not overtaxing them – Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. are not primarily a technology topic!

Data Lab

With our Data Lab, we offer you the opportunity to visualize and analyze your data without large upfront investments using state-of-the-art means and to explore the possibilities of how this data can be made usable for your use cases, e.g. with methods of machine learning. These “Proof-of-Concept” (PoC) or prototype projects can be carried out on avato infrastructure or optionally in your environment. Our data specialists prepare and analyze your data. They contribute process knowledge to your data.

In addition to a better understanding of your data and the possibilities for intelligent use of your data, the Data Lab can also be used to evaluate technology or tool concepts.

Smart Data Engineering

Before data can be analyzed and used for modeling, it must first be obtained from the various sources and processed. Typical activities are:

  • Technical and data-logical connection of different source systems (data integration)
  • Data cleansing: checking for invalid and missing values, outliers, inconsistent data
  • Enrichment of data with metadata or data from other sources (data enrichment)
  • „Contextualization”: Contextualization means, for example, the semantic linking of machine data with production or customer order data from MES or ERP systems. Another important example is the “temporal contextualization” (synchronization) of continuous production processes.
  • Automation of Data Pipelines and Data Preparation Steps

Our specialists advise and support you in this respect or, if you wish, take over these data engineering activities for you.

Smart Data Solutions

avato coordinates the technologies and software products to be used with the customer in order to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with customer standards and to use the customer’s existing know-how. We prefer to use existing commercial products from well-known manufacturers as well as established open source products.

Practical experience shows that not all required solution components are commercially available or commercially or technically appropriate. We have closed these gaps in the solution architectures with our own solution components.

Examples are:

  • avato Smart Data Streaming Solution for production, machine and quality data
    Auto-discovery function for largely automated connection of mass sensor data
  • SAP Smart Data Integration
    Bidirectional connection of SAP systems with centrally administered automated data integration
  • Smart Data Analytics Framework
    • as “Analytics Quick Start Solution” for PoCs and prototypes or
    • as a basis for customer-specific solution architectures.
  • Anomaly framework including convenient monitoring and processing application
  • Metadata management framework with convenient maintenance and automation functions
  • Solution for building digital twins for production and/or business processes
  • Cross-System Master Data Optimization with Integration of AI Services
  • Digital assistants, in particular for use in connection with SAP ERP systems

Data Science-as-a-Service

We offer data science and data engineering consulting services in various forms:

  • on a project basis
  • for the training of your internal specialists
  • as coaches for your internal data specialists /li>

System Integration

AI and ML processes only have a lasting positive effect if they are seamlessly integrated into the production and business processes and are easy to use for the employees concerned. This concerns the automated supply of the new AI/ML solutions with the relevant data as well as the provision of the results in existing or new applications.

avato supports your projects with experienced IT experts who are familiar with the special requirements of Smart Data projects, Smart Data architectures and many of the IT systems typically used by our customers.


avato Smart Data Advantages:

  • Relevant results in high quality in a small team. Our consultants offer high seniority and extensive experience in all relevant disciplines: Business, data science, data and IT architectures, software development, project and change management.
  • We will work with you to find the right solution for you. We are vendor-neutral and, in particular, independent of software vendors. We know the current commercial and open source solutions available on the market.
  • Flexible customer-oriented cooperation and contract models.
  • The development speed in the area of ML, AI and the technologies used is enormous. The continuous investment in the further development of our consultants and our Smart Data solutions enables you to benefit from the latest innovations.

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